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Bow hunting safaris


Henry Griffiths safaris also specialize in Bow hunting safaris for the dedicated bow hunter. We have very good bow hunting areas that are not hunted with rifle.


We have the entire infrastructure in place to ensure a successful bow hunt. You can choose to hunt from ground or pit blinds over waterholes or elevated and tree stands over game trails or water as well as walk and stalk hunting. The PH that will guide you on your hunt will be experienced with guiding bow hunters and will understand the bow hunter’s needs

We guided many successful bow hunts over the last 8 years, booking your hunt with us will ensure a once in a lifetime bow hunt


All species of game on our price list can be bow hunted as well as the hunting packages that we offer. We also offer bow hunting for dangerous game in South Africa.


The best time to bow hunt in SA is from august to September when there is very little water left in the bush and game are concentrated around the waterholes. Please ensure that you do not book your hunt over a full moon as the game tend to move more at night, contact us for possible dates for a successful hunt.


The equipment needed to hunt African game successful is a quiet bow with at least 65-70pound draw wait. You will need a heavy arrow with a very sharp 3 or 2 blade broad head. Most mechanical heads do not do well on African game!

Shooting distances very between 10-50meters but we seldom shoot game at more that 40meters. Any dark camouflage pattern will do for clothing and a light leafy soot will work well on walk & stalk hunts. Bring comfortable boots that are quiet.


We look forward to make your bow hunt a success