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Henry Griffiths Safaris Hall of fame


This page is dedicated to the hunters that have hunted with HGS and collected world class trophies!


Matt Egan with a very nice Black Wildebees!



David Berner with very long gembuck cow!!


Nathan with a very wide Kalahari Kudu that measured 52 inches 





Cate with a very nice sable bull hunted in the Kalahari She used my 300 H&H rifle





 Bob with a 40 + inch buffalo!



Sid with a very nice sable!


Juan with SCI Gold medal Gemsbuck hunted in the Kalahari this one measured 44 inches.



Harold with a big Springbuck ram from the Kalahari



Greame with a big steenbuck from the kalahari



Greame with a big Springbuck ram hunted in the kalahari



Christof with a big gemsbuck bull.



Cristof Fourie with a Big wildebeest Bull




Adri Fourie hunted her first African Animal a Big Blesbuck ram in the Kalahari she used a 243



Buffalo hunted by Chris Myers in die Zeerust area of North west province, he used a 416 loaded with barns-x



Chris with his crocodile hunted is SA



Pierluigi hunted this massive bull with his bow in the Kalahari area




John Hunted this big male lion March 2013 in the Nietverdient area!





Jostein Volhammer hunted this big bossed Buffalo in the Limpopo valley on the Zimbabwe side he used his 375 ruger to hunt the bull!








Larry Huls hunted this daggaboy in the Hoedspruit area of south Africa, he Used his 375 Ruger to hunt the old bull



Jose hunted this Kudu bull in the Marico area of south Africa, he used his 3006win rifle





Surika Janse v Vuuren hunted ths 47 inch kudu bull on the Phomolong area in Nw she used a 7x64 to hunt the bull!



Rick hunted this massive 39inch Gemsbuck bull in the Pietplessies area of south africa with his .375 X-bolt


Rick's Impala



Rick Batten hunted this nice and wide Impala ram on our Phomolong hunting area during the rut, he used his

.375H&H rifle to shoot the Ram offhand at more than 100yards. The ram measured just over 21 inches!

PH Henry Griffiths


Tedde Blunck hunted this massive eland Bull with Henry Griffiths safaris in May 2010 in the Bella-Bella area

of The Limpopo Province. He used a .375H&H mag to drop the bull in his tracks. The bull measured 35inches


PH Henry Griffit


Roy Deumer Hunted this Big Giraffe Bull in July 2010 in the Naboomspruit area of the Limpopo Province.

He used a .505 Gibbs rifle loaded with 540gr GS Custom solids.

PH Henry Griffiths

Christopher Myers hunted this trophy Wldebeest with Henry Griffiths safaris in the Maputse area of the North

west province. He used a .300 Winchester mag to shoot the bull at a range of 270m of the shooting sticks.

The bull measured 29inches with very big bases.

PH Henry Griffiths

Brian and Ashley Hunted with Henry Griffiths safaris in July 2010. Ashley hunted this Zebra stallion in the

Bella-Bella area of the Limpopo Province. She used my .300 H&H mag loaded with 190gr Hornady Interlocks.

PH Henry Griffiths

Brian Hunted this 17inch Blesbuck in the Bella-Bella area of the Limpopo province in July 2010, he used a .300H&H mag to bag the Ram.

PH Henry Griffiths


Mathew Coffin hunted with Henry Griffiths safaris in 2009 and bagged this magnificent 58inch Kudu. He used

a .300 Winchester mag to hunt the bull.

PH Nico Vos