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Photographic Safaris


We offer the opportunity to add a photographic safari on to your hunting trip, and it is very popular with couples and family groups that join us on safari every year.


Before or after your hunt you can choose from a variety of activities to turn your hunt into a family vacation. The possibilities are endless.


South Africa

5 day camping trips to Kruger national park

5 day lodge trips to Kruger national park

3 day camping trip to Barakalalo national park or Pilansberg national park

5 day camping safaris St lucia wetland park


Impala Ram



7 day camping trip to Okavango delta

7day camping trip to central Kalahari game reserve


7 day trip to Etosha national park


We will provide you with reliable and comfortable transport and ensure that you have a great time exploring Southern Africa. Please contact us for more information and pricing.