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Hunting Gear

Rifles and Ammo

For plains game hunting bring a rifle in the .30cal range. A 3006win or .300 win loaded with good premium grade bullets like federal, or Barns-X

180gr to 200gr. will do fine for most plains game hunting. Shots will range from 50-300m but you will seldom need to take a shot over 250m, the average being 120m. Please bring along soft gun cases for your rifles to keep them in while on the hunting truck or when travelling between hunting areas.

To hunt dangerous game (except leopard) you will need a .375 or bigger. The most popular being .375 Holland & Holland. Ensure that you bring both premium soft nose or expanding and solids for dangerous game. The shots at dangerous game are usually less than 100m so a quick low powered scope (1-4x20 or similar) or good iron sights will do. When hunting elephant shots will be less than 30m most of the time so a rifle that fits well and you can handle fast and accurate will do.

Francios with his trophy Redhatrebeest


The hunting season in South Africa for trophy hunting is from April-October, temperatures can vary between 5-15 °C in the morning and 20-30 °C in the afternoons. June and July being the coldest months. Bring clothes so that you can dress in layers, a warm jacket and gloves are a must for early mornings on the hunting truck. It is legal to where camo clothing in South Africa so any of your local made camo will do, as long as it is dark shades. Camo clothing is illegal in some other African countries like Zimbabwe, so rather go for dark brown or green clothing.

For boots bring comfortable walking boots that are well worn in and that has a softer sole to ensure quite stalking out in the bush. Depending or the terrain or area that you hunt you will walk good distances every day so good boots are a must.

Cameras and Binoculars

Ensure that for the cameras and video cameras that you have sufficient spare Batteries and/or chargers. The power supply is 220volt so also ensure that you have the correct adapters for chargers. A 12volt car charger can also be helpful to charge batteries out in the bush from the hunting vehicle. Bring a memory card for your camera that has a lot of capacity as you will be taking lots of video and pictures.

As for binoculars bring a pair that you can carry with you and are not to big and heavy.

8x40 or 10x40 will be more than enough for general hunting. A range finder can be handy as well but not an absolute necessity.


Bring a Small backpack to keep on the hunting truck or for one of the trackers to carry during the days hunting for your personal belongings (medication or other) and hunting gear that you might need during the hunt. It is always a good idea to carry spare ammo in your backpack and about 10 rounds on your person.